How do I pay?

Payment for your cleaning service

Please pay your team member for services provided at the end of each service visit. Payment can be made either in cash or by direct deposit into the team members bank account.

Receipts can be issued and customers should discuss this with Homeline in advance.

If you require an invoice, please call our office to arrange. Please note due to additional costs, different rates apply for this service’

What if I need to cancel a clean?

Cancellation/Lock out fees         

We understand that sometimes you may need to cancel a service. We ask that you give your team member at least 24 hour notice if you need to cancel a clean. This allows them time to pick up extra work to cover any lost income.

If a clean is cancelled on the same day as it is scheduled a one hour late fee is payable. 

If you do not leave a key for the team member and they are unable to gain access to the property to clean a one hour late fee applies.

Please keep in mind that as contractors our team members only get paid when they work. When a cleaning service is cancelled, the team members income is directly affected. We ask you to try to keep cancellations to a minimum. 

Do I need to sign a Contract?

No! You are not required to sign a contract when you book a service with Homeline. You are free to cancel the service at any time.

Who provides the cleaning products and equipment?

Environmentally friendly products, natural products, low allergy products, or whatever is in the cupboard….. Most clients have a preference as to what products are used in their home.  To ensure the correct products and equipement are used in your home, team members will use the products and equipment you supply.  If you would prefer not to worry about this and have your team member bring everything they need this can easily be arranged. There is a $5 per hour surcharge for this service.

What if I would like to try somebody else?

Changing team members

At Homeline we aim to play match maker! We try to select a team member who we think will do a great job and line up with your individual needs. Usually we get it right!!! If you are not satisfied with the team member we have selected, please do not hesitate to contact us and we can have a chat about trying somebody else. All our clients want different things, and all our team members have different strengths. Our job is to get the match right to ensure all parties are happy!

Would you prefer your cleaning service take place on a weekend? 

This can generally be accommodated.  There is a $5 surcharge for any cleans done over the weekend. If you would like a cleaning service to take place on a public holiday a $5 surcharge applies. 

Insurance Cover for breakage or damage

Yikes! Accidents happen…its unusual, but unfortunately there are occasional mishaps. Homeline holds an insurance policy which covers major breakage and damage to your property by your team member. For details on this policy please call our office to discuss.

Your household insurance policy also includes Public Liability insurance. For further information on this cover, please contact your insurer.

Work Cover

As with all cleaning agencies when you pay the contractor directly, either in cash or via direct deposit into their bank account, you are deemed to be the contractors employer and as the employer, you are responsible for workers compensation insurance.

You do not need to register with the Workcover Authority unless your wage bill (the amount you pay contractors working in your home) exceeds $7500.  In the unlikely event of an incident occurring you should contact the Workcover Authority who will provide retrospective cover. For detailed information about Workcover please contact Worksafe Victoria.

If you feel more comfortable having your Team Member covered for Workcover through Homeline, this can be arranged. Please note due to additional costs different rates apply for this arrangement.